Terms & Conditions

EAD Academy’s mission is to improve education through learning online.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can create and share educational content (Autonomous Teachers and Educational Institutions)

Anyone, anywhere in the world can purchase educational content to learn (students).

We believe that our market model is the best way to offer valuable educational content to our users, uniting students and teachers from all over the world in an e-learning platform and reducing the bureaucracy of learning.

We need rules to keep our platform safe for you, so these Terms of Use apply to all user activity on the EAD Academy website and future EAD Academy mobile apps.

When publishing a course on the EAD Academy platform, the user must also agree to the Terms of Use.

Effective date: October 10, 2022

1. Accounts

You will need to have an account for most activities on our platform, please keep your password in a safe place as you are responsible for all activities related to your account.

If you suspect that someone is using your account, please contact our Support Team.

You must have reached the age of consent to use the EAD Academy online services in your country.

Email: info@ead.academy

2. Students

By registering for a course on the EAD Academy website, you will receive access to a fully intuitive panel that can be accessed using the login and password you created when registering on the website.

You will be able to access the student area and there you will be able to access and study the acquired content at any time.

You can also click the “Become an Instructor” button in your dashboard and wait for approval, after approval you can create content and share knowledge with others.

Access to the content is lifetime and at the end of the course you can issue a certificate of completion.

3. Instructors

By registering on the EAD Academy website, you will receive access to a fully intuitive panel that can be accessed using the login and password you created when registering on the website.

On your first access to the panel, you will see a button “Become an Instructor” click and from this moment on, after approval you will be able to create content and share your knowledge with students from all over the world.

You will have a totally modern, easy to use and intuitive “course creator” panel, in addition, you will be able to issue a certificate of completion to your students.

4. Fees

We do not charge subscription packages or subscription plans, at EAD Academy you can create unlimited courses with valuable content, however we charge a fee of only 10% of your sales for website maintenance.

We do not charge any fees for students, the student will only pay for the chosen course.

5. Payment in Cryptocurrency

We know that the world of cryptocurrencies is growing every day and has grown a lot in recent years, for this reason we developed the Payment Token ‘Learning Cash”.

Learning Cash is a cryptoassets that aims to reduce the bureaucracy of paying for online courses, the demand is huge because the cost of banking services is very high for international transactions, so the solution of our project allows Institutions, Independent Teachers and Course Platforms online accept the cryptocurrency $EAD.

Simultaneously, students who need to take a specific course can quickly enroll in an online course, regardless of their location, by paying with Learning Cash altcoins.

Our project is the first and only project in the segment of buying and selling online courses, whether students, teachers and online course platforms, we can also extend it to school material merchants, in the future everyone in the segment will use Learning Cash, mainly with the arrival of Web 3.0.

It is currently trading on Exchange Latoken, Exchange Dex-trade and Exchange Tokpie.

For the purchase and sale of courses at EAD Academy, whether Students or Teachers will need to use the Payment Token “Learning Cash” you can purchase Learning Cash (if you don’t have it) on the Exchanges mentioned above.

6. Learning Cash Pay

You can (instructor) in addition to the marketplace, you who have your own website, in the future you can install the “Learning Cash Pay” plugin for free on your website to receive Learning Cash in cryptocurrency by selling your online courses directly on your website.

7. Conclusion

This is the Beta version of the Marketplace, soon we will have more updates and new features.

EAD Academy, is part of the Learning Cash Project Ecosystem, the first cryptoactive developed for the online education segment, a segment that has grown in recent years and is growing a lot every day.